International conference of Young Criminologists Forum

September 23-25, 2020

Bialystok, Poland

Dear Young Criminologists,
for the third time, we invite you to participate in the Young Criminologists Forum (YCF), which will take place on September 23-25, 2020 in Bialystok, Poland. We are pleased to announce that our formula is becoming more and more popular in the international community, as during the last edition we had the opportunity to host the first guests from abroad, including from the USA, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine and Spain. Considering the above, the conference will be the international one since the upcoming edition. The motto of the YCF conference in 2020 is Criminological research and practice – national and international perspective. Given the international nature of the conference, we invite you to submit papers in English.

The goal of YCF is to integrate young researchers from around the world representing various fields (including lawyers, criminologists, sociologists, educators, doctors etc.), and to create a place for them to exchange substantive information, experience and research achievements in the field of criminology. Forum is the idea of prof. zw. dr hab. dr h.c. Emil W. Pływaczewski – founder of the Bialystok School of Criminology. From the very beginning, YCF has been a platform for the exchange of experience not only between young researchers but also representatives of practice, including trainee lawyers, legal advisers and residents dealing with issues related to contemporary crime and social pathologies.

Participation in YCF is also an opportunity to broaden your knowledge about research conducted by the best criminologists from around the world who will participate in the sessions of the 3rd Young Criminologists Forum. This year's edition of YCF will feature an expert international panel during which excellent criminologists will give lectures on contemporary problems of criminology. The expert panel will be held under the title "Current Problems of the Penal Law and Criminology. Aktuelle Probleme des Strafrechsund und der Kriminologie.”. The name and topic of the expert panel was inspired by the publishing series "Current Problems of the Penal Law and Criminology. Aktuelle Probleme des Strafrechsund und der Kriminologie.", which has been published for years on the initiative of Professor Emil W. Płyczewski.

The leading idea of the Young Criminologists Forum is to create cyclical meetings enabling the exchange of experiences and research results of young scientists and practitioners whose research interests or professional experience are associated with criminology. However, as Organizers, we also want to familiarize the participants of the Forum with the culture of Podlasie region, hence two integration evenings are planned this year.

As in previous editions, also this time the monograph of the conference will be the result of both papers and considerations taken during the Young Criminologists Forum. The conference is addressed to all who feel young criminologists (we do not introduce age restrictions) – scientists with academic and vocational degrees, as well as the most talented students dealing with issues of criminology.

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International conference of Young Criminologists Forum
September 23-25, 2020
Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok, Poland
Criminological research and practice – national and international perspective

The Conference Program Committee invites you to submit an abstract for an oral presentation (max 15 minutes).

Registration should be made via the form


˗ early bird registration will last from November 16 to December 16, 2019
˗ late registration – from December 17, 2019 to February 17, 2020.

Registration fees:
˗ early bird registration: 400 PLN - 110 EUR- 125 USD
˗ late registration: 450 PLN - 125 EUR - 140 USD

The organizing committee will provide all conference participants with:
˗ accommodation in a double room with breakfast (2 nights),
˗ lunches and coffee breaks,
˗ two integration dinners,
˗ participation certificate,
˗ conference package and conference materials,
˗ post-conference materials published in the form of a book for the authors of articles (submission deadline for articles to monograph: September 30, 2020).

It is possible to book a single room at a surcharge of 20 euros or 25 dollars. If you would like to come earlier or stay longer in hotel, please let us know, so we could help you with the reservation at favorable prices.

Registration should be made via the form

After completing and sending the registration form, you must make a payment for participation in YCF in the form of a transfer to the bank account of the University of Bialystok according to the following data:
˗ recipient of the transfer: University of Bialystok, Świerkowa 20B, 15-328 Białystok, Poland,
˗ bank account number: PL 79 1160 2202 0000 0002 4179 4289,
˗ payment title: OFMK 2020 - name and surname of the participant.

We accept conference fees until March 22 June 30, 2020. The amount of the conference fee is determined by the date of sending the application form to the conference.

Invoices for fees will be handed to conference participants during the Young Criminologists Forum.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Forum’s Coordinators via e-mail to

Information about the program will appear in spring 2020.

The conference room is equipped with an OHP, microphone and video projector for PowerPoint presentations – there is no need to bring your own laptop, but your presentation should be fully Windows compatible.

dr Emilia Jurgielewicz-Delegacz
Chief Coordinator of Young Criminologists Forum
maternity leave

dr Diana Dajnowicz-Piesiecka
Coordinator of III edition of Young Criminologists Forum
phone: + 48 603 837 789

mgr Aleksandra Stachelska

Białystok is the largest city in northeastern Poland and the capital of the Podlaskie voivodeship, situated about 200 kilometres from Warsaw. It has historically attracted migrants from elsewhere in Poland and beyond, particularly from Central and Eastern Europe. This is facilitated by the fact that the nearby border with Belarus is also the eastern border of the European Union as well as the Schengen Area. It is the gateway to many natural attractions of the Podlasie region, known collectively as the Green Lungs of Poland, including the Biebrza and Białowieża national parks. Białystok is also the place of birth of Ludwik Zamenhoff, the inventor of the artificial language Esperanto.

Useful links:
City map
About city

How to get to Białystok?
There are several possibilities for getting from Warsaw to Białystok. The trip to Białystok should take about 2.5-3 hours.

By plane:
The closest Polish international airports are: Warsaw Chopin Airport and Warsaw Modlin Airport, both located in the heart of Europe, about 200 km away from Białystok.
Chopin airport
Modlin airport

By bus:
Once you fly into Warsaw Chopin Airport or Warsaw Modlin Airport, you may take a direct express bus service that leaves for Białystok from either airport. The bus company is Plus Bus. On this webpage You will find schedule for buses to Białystok.
Buying bus tickets online in advance is highly recommended. The price of the bus ticket is about 40-50 PLN (ca. 10-12 euro). Plus Bus operates high quality coaches equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi access.
An alternative to air, train and car travel is a bus connection Polski Bus or Żak Express, good value inexpensive inter-city express coach services based in Poland. The companies operate high quality coaches equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi access.

By train:

Warsaw Chopin Airport:
1) by city bus & by intercity train:
take city bus no. 175 Warsaw Central railway station, (link) then take a direct train to Białystok (link),
2) by city train & by intercity train:
take a city train (SKM, WKD) to Warsaw Central railway station, (link) and later take a direct train to Białystok (link),

Warsaw Modlin Airport:
1) by city bus & by intercity train:
take a Modlin shuttle-bus to Warsaw city centre, then at Warsaw Central railway station take a direct train to Białystok (link),
2) by city train & by intercity train:
take a train, to Warsaw Central railway station, then take a direct train to Białystok (link).

Payment in Polish currency (PLN) for a train ticket is required, but you could also use your credit card or buy a ticket by means of ticket vending machines. The price of the train ticket from Warsaw – Białystok is about 30-40 PLN (ca. 10 EUR). Please note that there are many ATMs and exchange offices at the railway stations.

Address of the hotel:
Information soon.

If you would like to order a taxi in Białystok by phone please dial:
+ 48 85 711 11 11 – Jaga Taxi
+ 48 85 746 46 46 – COOLtura Taxi
+ 85 744 44 44 – Komfort Taxi

Organization of the 3rd National Forum of Young Criminologists
co-financed from the "Perfect Science" program of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (No. DNK/SP/462611/2020).